Aluminum Composite Panels

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Alpolic Composite Materials


When a project calls for custom fabrication, we reach for Alpolic® Metal Composite Materials.  Their wide range of products and ability to create any custom color make them a superior choice for unique architectural projects.  From simple forms to complex, we can fabricate the aluminum composite material to create the project of your dreams.

Unmatched Durability

Alpolic® Composite Metals are coil-coated with  lumiflon® FEVE fluoropolymer resin.  Your concept will endure decades of exposure to the elements and yet still remain fresh.  It is backed by a 30-year warranty.

ACM - Alpolic



Alpolic® Brake Metal

This sheet metal brake is commonly used in fabrication to form roof caps, flashing, fascia trim, accents and other coplex forms.



Alpolic®/fr is designed for use in circumstances that require fire-retardant panels, such as buildings that exceed a minimum height. It is one of the most popular choices for exterior fire-retardant cladding.


When your project calls for strength and rigidity and you require a panel that will stand up to the most extreme conditions, the ALPOLIC®/HD is a superior choice. These heavy duty panels are 60% thicker than their standard aluminum skins.


A lightweight yet rigid panel that is highly adaptable, the ALPOLIC®/PE panel is suitable for a vast range of exterior and interior building applications.



The ALPOLIC®/RF panels have a highly polished and reflective aluminum surface.  They are lightweight, thin and easy to fabricate and mount. Unlike other highly reflective panels, these are shatterproof.


GRAPHIC-AL™ panels are designed for creating metal signs used in displays, architectural signs, canopies, facia and the like.


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