Standing Seam

Standing Seam Innovative Roofing Solution

Snap-lock standing seam roof

Architectural Metal Panels provides Snap-lock standing seam roofing by Englert.  With the Englert Series A1000 roof, homeowners receive the ultimate combination of style, durability and versatility in an eco-friendly package.

It is easy to identify the classic lines of the snap-lock roof, and you will quickly recognize long lasting durability that many homeowners have come to appreciate.  Snap-lock is a highly versatile system that offers homeowners the many benefits provided from a substantial metal roof product.

An innovative design, snap-lock standing seam panels have concealed clips and fasteners. They can be applied on a slope as low as 3″/12″, making them ideal for many architectural roofing challenges. You get a clean look that is weathertight and maintenance-free.


Englert’s metal panels are environmentally friendly and are 100% recyclable.  They can earn up to six LEED credits for recyclability, regional material sourcing and building reuse.

Energy Saving

UltraCool™Englert’s UltraCool™ finishes are LEED compliant and Energy Star approved. Rather than absorbing heat like an asphalt shingle, the heat is dramatically reflected. They can help reduce energy bills up to 50%.

Saving Our Landfills

Because they are so lightweight, snap-lock panels can often be applied over asphalt shingle roofing. This keeps the asphalt shingles out of our landfills and saves in disposal costs.

Featured Colors

PermaColor 3500 – Full Strength 70% Kynar 500® / Hylar 5000®


  • Galvalume Plus® – 25-year steel warranty on acrylic coated Galvalume®
  • PermaColor 2000 – 30-year steel or aluminum warranty on Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® coating
  • PermaMetallic 2000 – 20-year steel or aluminum warranty on Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® coating
  • Siliconized Modified Polyester – 15-year steel or aluminum coating warranty


  • UL-90 rated over 5/8″ plywood at 20″ wide with clips at 18″ o.c. (24 ga. steel)
  • ASTM-E-84 Class A fire rating on coating and substrate
  • Metro-Dade County wind driven rain tested at 70 mph

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