Coping Flashings

Metal coping flashings are applied to protect masonry parapet walls from the elements. We provide both smooth coping flashings and Z Form coping flashings, dependent on your particular needs. Both Smooth and Z Form Coping flashings come as one piece and two-pieces.

Smooth Metal Coping Flashings

One Piece

One piece smooth coping flashings are typically made to cover the entire width of the parapet wall and have a half-inch kick on each end.

Two Piece

Commonly available in stainless steel and copper, the two piece smooth metal coping flashings are interfitting to provide a clean, snug fit.

Z Form Metal Coping Flashings

One Piece

One Piece Z Form Flashings protect vulnerable joints from leakage. It can be used When a through-wall flashing is required that will have a coping stone placed on top if it.

Two Piece

Their interfitting form keeps the structure sound and waterproof.  Stainless steel and copper are most common materials used to make these flashings.

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