Roofing Products

Shake Roofing

Arrowline Shake

Edco’s Arrowline® product emulates the realistic appearance of hand-split cedar shakes with all the benefits of steel roofing.

Generations® HD

Authentic-looking hand split cedar shakes that maintain their original appearance for decades and are maintenance free.

Standing Seam

Snap Lock Standing Seam

With the Englert Series A1000 roof, homeowners receive the ultimate combination of style, durability and versatility in an eco-friendly package.

Mechanical Standing Seam

The Englert Series A1300 Mechanical Standing Seam is an excellent solution for a roof structured with custom architectural details. It is designed to accommodate shallow slopes that are less than 3″ in 12″, mansards, walls and soffits. It also has a tight radius curving capacity, which is ideal in situations such as a cone-shaped facia.

Metal Panels

Corrugated Metal Panels

The Englert H-12 and H-16 multi-purpose panels are versatile, long-lasting and low maintenance. They are designed for both horizontal and vertical applications.  Both panels have a depth of 7/8″, uniformly spaced ribs at 4″ on center with a fastening leg, and lock, that is concealed.

Alpolic Composite Materials

Aluminum Composite Panels

When a project calls for custom fabrication, we reach for Alpolic® Metal Composite Materials. Their wide range of products and ability to create any custom color make them a superior choice for unique architectural projects.

Build with Architectural Metal Panels

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