Why Metal Roofing


If you’re looking to match the roofing style of your neighborhood or the current roof of your home, there’s a metal roof to meet your needs. Are you looking to update the appearance of your home with the sleek, clean lines that a vertical paneled roof provides? Or would you prefer the more traditional style of shingles or shake? Current metal roofs now offer a variety of styles and colors plus the benefits of strength and durability.

Vertical Panels

The sleek, clean lines of vertical panels offer a modern and stylish appearance that is both practical and economical. Choose from a wide range of colors to get the look you want.

Metal Shingle/Slate

Add considerable value to your home with distinctive and durable metal shingles. Keep the traditional look of shingles or slate while increasing the energy efficiency of your roof.

Metal Shake

Stunningly beautiful metal shake roofing is built to last a lifetime. You get both style and quality without the high maintenance and flammability of wood shakes.


Environmentally friendly, metal roofing is made from both recycled and new materials. It is also 100% recyclable. It’s reflective properties make it more energy efficient. These combined qualities make metal roofing a part of the sustainable design movement. Steel and aluminum are the most common materials used in metal roofing. However, copper and zinc are also available.


Steel is one of the most common metal alloys used in building materials due to it’s recyclability and affordability. To help prevent rust, it is treated with a metallic coating layer. It’s strength, durability and low weight make it an ideal choice for a roofing material.


If you live in a marine environment or within two miles of the coast, you’ll require aluminum roofing materials. Aluminum roofing offers increased corrosion resistance which makes it the ideal choice for those abusive environments.

Copper and Zinc

Commonly called Natural Metal, copper and zinc offer high corrosion resistance. As it ages, it develops a patina for a unique look that is perfect for historic settings or for urban districts.


Our qualified personnel can help you ascertain the perfect match of metal roofing type with your style preference. We provide three basic system types based upon construction and attachment methods. Each type offers different style options with specific advantages and appearances.

Vertical Seam

We offer two basic types of vertical seam roofing solutions: Snap-Lock Standing Seam and Mechanical Lock Standing Seam. The concealed fasteners of ClickLock Standing Seams combine the advantages of low-maintenance and fantastic longevity with a sleek, linear style. The economical Mechanical Standing Seams are installed using a screw hem system that allows for expansion and contraction due to weather temperature changes.

Pre-Formed Panels

The traditional-style roofing such as the shake and shingle is built with painted pre-formed panels that interlock. They are attached to the roof deck with hidden fasteners, which lends itself to a pristine look that will last far longer than traditional shakes and shingles.

Granular Coated Panels

Granular coated panels offer an added texture to the surface by embedding granules of stone within the acrylic coating. You can have the look of weathered shakes without the risks of flamability or rotting. They can be installed in a couple of different ways, either over a batten/counter batten wood grid system or to the deck of the roof.

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